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The aim of our creations, is the art of space,the essence of architecture.

H.P. Berlage ( 1908 )

…a place is a space that has distinct character. ..."spirit of place", has been recognized as the concrete reality man has to face and come to terms with in his daily life. …the functional approach therefore left out the place concrete 'here' having particular identity.

Christian Norberg-Schulz (1980)

...as a space begin to be captured, enclosed, molded, and organized by the element of form, architecture comes into being.

Francis, D.K. Ching ( 1979 )

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I have worked for more than 50 clients over last 3 years. Explore my best works here

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Infobangunrumah is a young aggresive architectural practice. It is creative, adaptable and dinamic, yet competent to handle complex projects with profesional competence.

  • Strategic Development Planning

    ( SDP )

    Strategic Development Planning

    recognises the need for the development of alternative concepts in design as well as strategies to fully explore the potential of a location, a site, a market and the development that is proposed on it. This stage of our services will provide the flexibility for early research and planning, which simultaneously esta- blishes a sound design brief, upon which the design will be based.

  • Concept Design

    ( CD )

    Concept Design

    is a collaborative process with the owner to design and establish a three dimensional concept of the client's desires and development goals.

  • Schematic Design

    ( SD )

    Schematic Design

    is the process of delineating conceptual design ideas into highly resolved architectural transformations.

  • Design Development

    ( DD )

    Design Development

    resolves technical issues of a project, by the participation and the coordination with other design disciplines and engineers.

  • Construction Documentation

    ( CD )

    Construction Documentation

    during this stage a comprehensive set of documents is produced to establish design details, specification and standards of quality, upon which the contractor undertakes construction.

  • Construction Services


    Construction Services

    project pro-active participation in the interpretation of design intent during construction, will assist to achieve a safe, quality and high standard of design. Complex projects with professional competence.

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